Canada Reps

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Serving: Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba,  Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.)

Acoustex Specialty Products

Contact: Dennis Obratoski
Vice President
260 – 2323 32nd Ave NE
Calgary, AB  T2E 6Z3

Office: 604-720-0024
Mobile: 604-720-0024

Serving: Canada (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia)

Acoustex Specialty Products

Contact: Brian Obratoski
20 Land Street
Hamilton, ON
Canada L8L 4L2

Tel: 289-389-5564

Serving: All Regions

Owens Corning

Contact: Russell A. Leighton, Jr. , National Sales Manager,
Conwed Designscape|Wall Technology, Owens Corning

800 Gustafson Road
Ladysmith, WI 53076

Phone: 612-827-6068