• Adhesive: [PDF][DWG]
  • Adhesive, Impaling Clip Mount: [PDF] [DWG]
  • Adhesive, Perimeter Mount: [PDF] [DWG]
  • Spline Mount: [PDF] [DWG]
  • Z-Bar to Z-Bar Combination Mount: [PDF] [DWG]
  • Z-Clip to Z-Bar Combination Mount: [PDF] [DWG]


  • 48x48 Pyramidal Lay-in Diffuser: [PDF] [DWG]
  • 24x48 Pyramidal Lay-in Diffuser: [PDF] [DWG]
  • 24x24 Pyramidal Lay-in Diffuser: [PDF] [DWG]
  • 48x48 Barrel Lay-in Diffuser: [PDF] [DWG]
  • 24x48 Barrel Lay-in Diffuser: [PDF] [DWG]
  • 24x24 Barrel Lay-in Diffuser: [PDF] [DWG]


  • Z-Bar to Z-Bar Ceiling to Gypsum Board, Isometric: [PDF][DWG]
  • Z-Bar to Z-Bar Ceiling to T-Grid, Isometric: [PDF] [DWG]


  • Cloud Mount, T-grid to Resin, Single Panel: [PDF] [DWG]
  • Cloud Mount, T-grid to Resin, Multi-Panel: [PDF][DWG]

Eurospan® Stretch Systems

  • Eurospan® Acoustical Ceiling System: [PDF] [DWG]
  • Eurospan® EOS Ceiling System: [PDF] [DWG]
  • Eurospan® Translucence Ceiling System: [PDF] [DWG]
  • Eurospan® Acoustical Wall System: [PDF] [DWG]